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Linkzilla is NetJumper's patented software object that allows any website or software application to place a folder of links in user bookmarks with a single click. Linkzilla has been used by million plus circulation magazines, English professors and affiliate marketers

By sharing multiple links, users are saved from clicking back through pages they have already seen before. They can do so because Linkzilla has changed their bookmarks from where the user has been to where the user can go.

This saves users time. Linkzilla can be used in a variety of vertical markets in several different applications:

Print Publishers and Broadcast Media- Linkzilla shares content and and advertiser links.

Affiliate Marketers- Linkzilla can place folders of affiliate links to generate affiliate sales.


Search Engines and Portals- Linkzilla can be used to enable the selective saving of search results to bookmarks and as a means of publishing sitemaps directories and catalogs of content.

Online Stores- Linkzilla enables the sharing of product catalogs to bookmarks. It is an axiom of online commerce that each click before purchase is a chance to lose the customer, Linkzilla cuts down on clicks while offering the shopper the chance to come back and shop again.

Knowledge Management/Health Care Information Publishing- Linkzilla can be used to share access to a large amount of information on particular subjects.

Affiliate Marketing- Linkzilla is a proven solution for affiliate marketing. Placing affiliate codes in bookmarks benefits affiliates networks as merchants and affiliates generate additional sales.