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Welcome to NetJumper Software!

NetJumper develops and markets innovative Internet software solutions for websites and end users.

NetJumper's patented Linkzilla software enables websites to share folders of links with end users with one click. Linkzilla can be used in any e-commerce setting and is ideal for catalogs, directories and search engines. Linkzilla is also an ideal solution for affiliate marketing platforms.

If you are an end-user encountering Linkzilla on the net and wondering what Linkzilla does, click here to learn more.

Click the Linkzilla Logo above left and we will give you our sitemap right in your bookmarks.

NetJumper News

NetJumper announces Bookmarks2- Bookmarks2 is an exciting bookmark sharing platform for portals and workgroups with large numbers of links. The service can quickly be set up on most web servers to provide your end-users a visual buildable bookmark tree that can be injected back to bookmarks with a click. ISPs can offer a free service to webmasters to store their bookmarks and get them with a click from any web browser.



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