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Licensing NetJumper Software

NetJumper licenses its software in a variety of ways. We offer, per usage, per year or revenue share business models with a small, one time set up fee.

Per usage- this license model requires a small $500 set up fee and $.25 for each use of the software at your site. For larger volume customers, a lower price per usage is offered.

Annual License- Annual licenses are available giving the licensee unlimited use of the software for a fixed annual fee. Pricing available upon request

Revenue Share- For a small set up fee, NetJumper will partner with e-commerce sites and offer unlimited use of its software in exchange for a percentage of revenue generated by Linkzilla. Please contact us for further details.


For more information about licensing Linkzilla, please contact us or send email to licensing at netjumper dot com.


For companies wishing to acquire a bookmarking service where users can build and share bookmark files and add them to their bookmarks, NetJumper's partner site, Bookmarks2 offers an inexpensive way to gain bookmark sharing from a single central location on your site. Bookmarks2 is a service that is hosted from your server. Please visit Bookmarks2 to learn more.