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What is this Linkzilla thing?

The LinkzillaBookmark injector is a small piece of software that allows your browser to place a tree of links into the bookmarks of your browser.  This is polite software that asks permission first. After approving the installation of the software, you will be asked to approve getting the links.  The links are added to your bookmarks in a single, easy to surf folder.  The process can be stopped at any point.  The software and links can be easily deleted.

Why do I want to do this?

With just a couple of clicks you can have dozens of new links to surf.  You can actually go places without having to use your back button. This is designed to save time transcribing internet addresses, simplifies navigation and conserves bandwidth.  

What does the process look like?

Step 1. You will get software installation screen that looks like this:

Step 2. You will get a delivery confirmation screen that looks like this:

You can say Yes or No

Step 3- Look in your Bookmarks

You will find a new folder of links!

Software Detailed Overview:

The software is a signed active-x control or Netscape plug-in.  The software performs the following steps:

  1. Installation, upon initialization the software asks to be installed on your system
  2. Approval, after installation, the software displays a user approval window requesting permission to place the link tree, it also displays the name of the folder it will place it in.
  3. Confirmation, the confirmation screen announces it has added the links
  4. Reporting, the software sends a report to the iTimesSquare and Wildfiles reporting servers; it can also send the same report to the host server that is delivering the requested links. The information reported is: time and date of the link delivery, Windows Machine Name, the recipient’s IP address, software version, the name of the link file(s) added and the internet address that served the link file. No other information is sent. The software contains no other features and specifically does not activate itself in any way without user initiation of the process itself. The software does not load any other software applications or loader software. To the extent personal information is gathered, it is only used to measure usage of the software’s main feature, link delivery, and the information is only used by NetJumper in aggregate for this purpose.
  5. Deletion of the Software, to delete the software from your system, send a message to: deletion|nospam|@netjumper.com (please paste into your email and delete the |nospam|), please include your operating system, and browser type. A message with instructions will be sent.