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About Us

NetJumper Software LLC is based in South Eastern Michigan. The company is privately funded.

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NetJumper Software, LLC.

PO Box 158

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303

Tel: (248) 353-5555

ICQ: 10059903

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NetJumper Company History

NetJumper was founded in 1996 and incorporated as Tenretni Dynamics, Inc. Our first product was a search engine assistant called Internet Buffet. Patents covering the new technology were filed in September 1996. The company changed its name to NetJumper in 1999.

The Company has built deployed and patented several software products since it was founded. On December 30, 2002, the company's name was changed to NetJumper Software. LLC.

Company Product Listing:

NetJumper 2.5- originally called Internet Buffet, this product was one of the first internet navigation and search engine assitant tools.

LinkGrabber'99- successor product to NetJumper, fully integrates into IE toolbar.

iTimesSquare- Iinternet advertising-in-software module. Displayed large format adds at start of software application.

Linkzilla- Patented web to bookmark solution.